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Are Fender Custom Shop Guitars Worth The Money?

Naturally, as an owner of a guitar shop that specialises in pre owned Fender Custom Shop I am going to give a biased answer to this basic question. I am going to say yes! But to justify and expand on this I will go into some detail. For years now Fender have offered a product […]

Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster

Of all the models made by the Fender Custom Shop the Stratocaster must certainty be the most prolific. While Fender don’t actually publish the numbers they have manufactured it’s fair to assume that the Strat will be the most prolific followed closely by the Telecaster. The story of the Fender Custom Shop goes back to […]

Fender Custom Shop vs Masterbuilt – Whats the difference?

If you’re looking for a brand new top of the range Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster you’d have already noticed that there’s a huge difference in the price between the Fender Custom Shop models and the range topping Masterbuilt guitars. In some extreme cases they can be double the price! Why buy a master build Strat […]

Coffee House Guitars Launch January 2019

After much preparation Coffee House Guitars is about to open it’s doors and begin selling top end guitars from our shop in Frome, Somerset. The mission of the business is to offer a range of high end instruments, all used, that are presented to the customer in top condition. We’ve built a comfy coffee shop […]

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