Fender Telecaster ‘Bigsby’ 1967 – White / Rosewood Players Grade


At a glance

  • Manufacturer:Fender
  • Year:1967
  • Colour:white
  • Weight:4.44kg (9lb 13oz)
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Fender Telecaster Bigsby from 1967 in players grade refinished condition. A superb guitar with all the vibe, tone and feel of a lovely 60s Fender. It’s not a light weight Telecaster, the body is quite heavy actually. But the tone, resonance and sounds from this guitar are amazing, a lovely comfy neck feel and superb ‘worn in’ in feel to it.


Why is it players grade?

The body has been refinished in see through white, looks fantastic. Nitro finish and a superb job. At some point in it’s life the owner swapped the neck / bodies over with another Tele he had, a 3 bolt 70s one. As such the neck was adapted to take the three bolt system. It’s been professionally put back to four bolt and of course back on the matching, correct, body. The repair is superb and can only be seen when you take the neck off. It’s been refretted with vintage style Fender frets. A second string tree was added at some stage and the hole is now plugged. Pots are not the originals.

The guitar retains the original hardware, pickups and Bigsby trem, scratchplate and case. It’s got a lovely dark rosewood laminate board with natural wear on the edges. Feels great to play. A superb guitar that retains the original look and feel of an all original 60s Tele. Neck is stamped ‘3 Sep 67 B’. Tuning stability is excellent too. This is one of those guitars that was so good that it got played rather than sitting in the case for it’s life. A completely stock and original one would cost £6 or 7k today. Priced to sell at players grade price. A superb guitar.

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  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Fret Board Radius: 7.25
  • Neck Shape: 67 C
  • Number of Frets: 21
  • Body: Ash (quite heavy)
  • Neck: Maple / Rosewood
  • Pickups: Original
  • Case: 60s Fender Case
  • Candy: none
  • Frets: Vintage Style
Well used and some non original aspects. Neck joint (inside) body paint, POTS
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