Rickenbacker 320 – Early 80s – Short scale Electric with original case

Rickenbacker 320 for sale - Original in original case 1983 model

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  • Manufacturer:Rickenbacker
  • Year:1983
  • Colour:Autumn Glow Red
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A very rare Rickenbacker 320 from 1983 in original case. A fine example in lovely condition for the year. The Rickenbacker 320 model was introduced in 1958. One of the short-scale 300 series electrics with a 20.75″ scale length, dot fret board inlays, and small bodies. The body is unbound. These short-scale 300 series models were designed as student models, but became popular when John Lennon played a Rickenbacker 325 during the early years of The Beatles. The 320 is the non-tremolo version of the 325 that Lennon played. The 320 was discontinued as a production model in 1994.On the very rare occasions I get a Rickenbacker in i am always stunned by just how precisely they are put together. Incredible quality and this example is a solid investment piece.


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  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Number of Frets: 21
  • Neck shape: oval C
  • Body: Maple, Semi hollow
  • Neck: Maple / Rosewood
  • Pickups: First generation high gains
  • Case: Original case
  • Candy: Unfitted cover plate / screws
  • Frets: Original
  • Fret board radius: 7.25
Very good overall condition for a 1983 model. A few bumps and nicks, but no damage. All original apart from a wiring mod : It has been wired so middle and bridge pickup are on the 3 way toggle and the neck can be blended in with the fifth knob. Comes in original case, plenty of fret life left. Some very mild fret oxidisation where the lacquer covers the fret end.

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Enquire: Rickenbacker 320 – Early 80s – Short scale Electric with original case