Rickenbacker 4003 FL fretless bass – Pre owned

At a glance

  • Manufacturer:Rickenbacker
  • Year:2007
  • Colour:Fireglow
  • Weight:4.22kg (9lb 5oz)
  • Price:£2399
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Now discontinued and extrmeley rare in fretless form is the Rickenbacker 4003 FL bass. This lovely example is from 2007 and remains in superb original condition and has been well looked after. It has been played but still remains very very clean. We recently bought this from a very talented guitar technician and as such it’s set up is spot on. It was in his private collection for a few years prior to selling it to us. As with all Rickenbacker guitars the build quality and finish is a cut above the other american manufacturers. Superb grades of wood have been selected and the overall sound and playability is as good as it gets from this legendary bass. This one comes in the original case.

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  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Fret Board Radius: 12
  • Pickups: Original Rickenbacker
  • Case: Original case
  • Candy: none
  • Frets: N/A
Superb original condition - Used but in very very clean conditon indeed.

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