Coffee House Guitars Launch January 2019

After much preparation Coffee House Guitars is about to open it’s doors and begin selling top end guitars from our shop in Frome, Somerset. The mission of the business is to offer a range of high end instruments, all used, that are presented to the customer in top condition. We’ve built a comfy coffee shop style interior where the guitars are displayed so you can drink a fine coffee while trying out your dream guitars.


It’s not hard to see a bit of a bias towards Fender in our range of guitars, Julian, the owner of Coffee House Guitars is a bit of Strat fan and has been known to buy what he likes for shop stock. The range of guitars will grow as the business develops but will remain focussed on the main brands. Fender, Gibson, PRS, Tokai and others, with a focus on Custom Shop and top of the range models.

By appointment

We are generally here during the day on Monday – Friday but can be available weekends and evenings as well. Get in touch to book an appointment to come and try out your dream guitar, we have a range of high quality amps here for testing purposes.

Part Exchange

Selling high ticket guitars on the private sale market, ebay and Gumtree etc etc, can be time consuming and challenging, often blighted with time wasters. We can offer better P/X deals than most music shops and save you time and energy when you’re looking to upgrade or change your guitar. We also know that if you’re about to sink four figures into a new guitar it’s ideal to have a handful of them side by side to test 0ut, which is something the private market can’t offer.


Julian, Owner of Coffee House Guitars