Guitars bought online
For remote orders there is a seven day returns policy that covers a change of mind (or heart). In the unlikely event that you decide the instrument isn’t for you then we need to be notified within seven days of the guitar being delivered to you. You can return it for any reason.

After you have notified us of the return you are responsible for the safe and secure return of the guitar back to us. Use the same packaging and it must be returned with a tracked and insured courier service. A full refund will be sent on the day the guitar arrives back here with us. You can also deliver it in person, in which case a refund will be issued while you are here.

The instrument must be presented back to us in the same condition to which it arrived.

Returns will NOT be accepted if you have modified, customised, adjusted, damaged, marked, dinked, chipped or messed with the guitar in any way. Please bear this in mind.

Guitars will not be accepted for a return if they have been:

  • Used commercially for live performance, recording or video production
  • Modified, adjusted or customised
  • Damaged in any way

If after playing the guitar you decide it’s not for you it’s best to pack it straight back up without further use and arrange for it’s return.

What happens if the returning courier loses the guitar?
A refund can only be issued upon safe receipt of the guitar at our address.

What happens if the returning courier damages the guitar?
A refund can only be issued upon safe receipt of the guitar in workable condition that’s identical to how it left us.

How soon will a refund be issued?
Within 24 hours of the guitar arriving back in perfect condition

We strongly advise fully insuring the package on the way back to avoid any losses should the unthinkable happen. If the returning courier loses or damages the guitar the liability for this lays with the buyer. You are also welcome to return it in person should you wish.

Guitars bought in person at our shop
If you come and purchase a guitar from us in person and change your mind after purchasing it, we will under normal circumstances not offer a full refund for the returned guitar. We do however offer a 70% ‘buy back’ scheme whereby should you experience buyers remorse or simply fancy a change, you can return the guitar for 70% of what you paid us for it. This is on the condition that the guitar is still in the same condition with no changed parts or customisations. We offer this on all of our guitars for up to (and in some cases over) a year after they are purchased. That being said, should you wish to exchange the guitar for another model then we’ll certainly try and work something out that works well for everyone.

Damages and faults
If you receive a guitar that has been damaged in transit we will ensure it’s collected by the couriers and as soon as it’s back here you’ll receive a full refund. We will then deal with the courier claim afterwards.

Any faults with the guitar will be dealt with in the same way, with either a refund or a repair arranged, depending on what outcome you prefer.

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