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Enquire: Yamaha LL-TA TransAcoustic Guitar – Pre Owned
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Relic 1960 Ltd Edition
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster (Telecaster) Lush Closet Classic
Enquire: Fender American Special Telecaster
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop 1960s Custom Stratocaster 1994
Enquire: Gibson SG Bass 2013 Heritge Cherry
Enquire: Fender Stratocaster USA 1981 International series Hardtail
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop 1963 Relic Telecaster
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop Caballo Tono Relic Ltd Ed Telecaster
Enquire: Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Jetglow 1977
Enquire: Fender Made in Japan 57 reissue Stratocaster ST57
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop Master Build 1954 Stratocaster 50th Anni Ltd Ed Mark Kendrick
Enquire: Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Ancho Poblano – Limited Edition – Pre Owned
Enquire: Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Relic 1955
Enquire: Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 65 Relic Pre Owned
Enquire: Fender Stratocaster Closet Classic 56 ‘Gastelum’ neck Custom Shop
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster 1960 Relic
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop 1966 Closet Classic limited Edtn Stratocaster
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop 54 Relic Telecaster
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop 69 Strat Reissue 1997
Enquire: Gibson Custom Shop 61 SG (Les Paul) Vibrola
Enquire: Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Custom Closet Classic MB 20th Anni
Enquire: Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature ‘Blackie’ – Pre owned 2015
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A superb range of pre owned, high end guitars
Here at Coffee House guitars we only sell lovely guitars. We buy what we like and love and ensure that we’re only selling the very best high-end models of top American brands. Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Musicman and occasionally PRS are some of the top brands we buy and sell. Each guitar is carefully set up with any issues being taken care of prior to sale.

Pre Owned Fender Custom Shop Relics
A you can probably see from the stock above, we specialise in the buying and selling of pre owned Fender Custom Shop Relic and reissue guitars. We often have more used Custom Shop Stratocasters in stock than any other shop in the UK. The fender Custom Shop began life in the early 1990s and has been making top end guitars ever since. In our experience there is a clear distinction between the quality of these guitars over the normal production line Fenders.

The owner of Coffee House Guitars, Julian Deverell, has been buying, selling, collecting and taking to pieces Fender guitars since he was a teenager in the 1990s. A keen eye for detail and an excellent knowledge of these instruments means we can be sure we’re only dealing in the genuine article.

Limited Edition Fender Custom Shop Guitars
As a company Fender have a busy and active marketing team who will miss no opportunity when it comes to special limited runs of guitars. Birthdays, Anniversaries and milestones in the companies’ history are always marked by the release of some special editions. Having had a plethora of Custom Shop guitars pass through our hands over the years there is little doubt that Fender do put that extra bit of effort into these. A notable example was the 60th Anniversary Stratocasters that were released in 2014 to celebrate sixty years of the Strat. These were mostly heavy Relic Stratocasters and all were a very convincing 1954 reissue. These guitars were by far some of the very best the custom shop had ever made and today now sell on the used market for more than they cost when new in 2014!

Fender Masterbuilt
At the top of the product line lies the Master Build guitars. We have had a good number of these pass through our hands over the years and they take the level of build quality to another level. Fender have a team of their top builders who earn the title of ‘Master Builder’ when they have perfected every element of guitar building. The idea being that rather than built on a production line the instruments are built almost entirely by one person. Needless to say this increases the cost significantly and at the time of writing a master built Fender can cost upwards of £7500! There are lengthy waiting lists for these and certain builders command more kudos than others.

Fender Custom Shop Vs Masterbuilt Guitars
When the price is getting close to double that of a team built model people often ask, what is the difference between a normal Custom Shop Vs a masterbuilt model? We’ve had a number of both team and masterbuilt Fenders pass through our hands and there is little doubt that the masterbuilt versions are a cut above the rest. We always say that every guitar should be taken on it’s own merits but there is a clear upgrade in overall feel, tone and quality with the master built guitars. Due to their rarity they will hold their value well and in the case of builders who become legendary, such as John Cruz, the value of their guitars can head skywards, especially after they’ve left the company and won’t be making any more.

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul
The Gibson Les Paul is an iconic and classic guitar that defined the sound of blues rock from the mid sixties onwards. The Custom Shop versions of these are the real Les Pauls are far as we’re concerned and represent the very best of modern Les Paul production. When we can we try to stock used examples of the 58, 59 and 1960 reissues and Relics. When ever we’ve had the chance to get our hands on these we’re always impressed at how lovely they are.

Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue
One of the most popular custom shop models we see is the 58 Les Paul reissue. We’ve sold a number of used examples of these superb guitars and haven’t had a bad one yet. In the 1960s when Les Paul production had ended, the 58 Les Paul became sought after by musicians such as Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. The incredible sound they got from the then discontinued guitar etched it’s legendary status firmly into popular music history and the 58 Les Paul is now a legend in itself. The Gibson Custom Shop make a variety of models of 58 Les Paul and when ever we can get our hands on a pre owed one we jump at the chance!

Gibson SG Custom Shop
The Gibson Custom Shop have made some superb SG reissues including the legendary 61 ‘Les Paul’ versions. We often stock used examples of these incredible instruments in original condition. It’s sometimes odd to think how in 1961 Gibson thought that the SG would become the successor to the Les Paul. While they are great guitars in their own right they are too different to a Les Paul to assume the same name. When we can get our hands on them we try to stock top end used, original limited edition Custom Shop Gibsons and offer them to our clients at a great price.

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