The payment methods we accept are bank transfer and cash on collection only. You can also buy our guitars on


Why do we not accept credit cards or PayPal?
The reason we don’t accept cards or PayPal as payments for our guitars is due to a huge risk of fraud. Credit card fraud is the modern version of shoplifting and blights businesses of all sizes. Because we are a small volume seller of very high value items the risks are significant. The way that many online businesses cope with credit card fraud is to accept that, even despite high levels of vigilance, some fraud will take place and a small percentage of stock will be lost to it. A large business can factor this into its margins and accept a small loss percentage, just like a shop that costs a certain amount of shoplifting into its business model. We simply aren’t selling enough volume to make this possible and to lose a £3,000 instrument to fraud would simply be too much to bear. There is also the cost element, so by not accepting cards or PayPal, we can keep our prices extremely competitive.

Coffee House Guitars Ltd is a business that prides itself on excellent customer service and after sales care. Because we are selling in very low volumes I can personally take care of every sale and ensure my clients are happy. I have supplied a large number of top end guitars to players, collectors and even a couple of well known guitarists. The business is operated from the premises of my main business, The Regency Chess Company which is based in a warehouse in Frome, Somerset. I would always recommend people come and try before they buy, but the vast majority of my sales are remote, having dispatched guitars all over the world.

I would encourage all prospective purchasers to search around the web and forums for reviews and comments on how I do business.

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