Fender Custom Shop Post Modern Stratocaster 1956 Relic


At a glance

  • Manufacturer:Fender
  • Year:2017
  • Colour:Sunburst


A fantastic Strat that combines classic vintage features with some great modern ones to create a superb guitar. It features the very best of both worlds. A flatter compound radius and large frets make for a low action and fast easy playing. The neck shape is a classic 60s style oval C, medium chunky. The overall look is very 50s, a gorgeous two-tone sunburst and tinted maple neck, the body is a superb two piece ash. This used example remains in superb condition but was separated from it’s original case so is now in a mid 60s style genuine Fender Custom Shop case. There has also been a small repair to a paint chip on the face of the body and the neck back has been oiled, all very minor things that don’t detract from the amazing quality and sound of this instrument. As such this Strat is priced accordingly and represents somewhat of a bargain. Today new ones of these retail at £4k in the UK.

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