Greco PMB1000 Rickenbacker 4001s Copy – Pre Owned


At a glance

  • Manufacturer:Greco
  • Year:1979
  • Colour:Natural
  • Weight:4.1kg (9lb 1oz)
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We are very lucky to find this extremely rare Greco PMB1000 copy of a Rickenbacker 4001s. Made in Japan in the late 70s to an extremely high standard. This is without doubt a superb bass and this one remains in fantastic condition for it’s year. It has been upgraded with genuine Rickenbacker machine heads and a genuine Rickenbacker neck pickup. It also has the push pull mod. We had this in at the same time as a real USA Rickenbacker 4001 bass (both bought from the same customer) and this easily compares to the real thing, in fact in some ways it’s nicer to play! The quality really is stunning! It’s amazing these aren’t more valuable! Huge amounts of quality, tone & looks for the price.

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  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Number of Frets: 20
  • Pickups: Bridge original - Neck a genuine Ricky
  • Case: none
  • Candy: none
  • Frets: Originals
Extremely good for year - Very tidy - Some parts replaced with Genuine Rickenbacker ones.

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